Monday, 10 February 2014

Red Wine and Wrinkle Cream

Yesterday I turned 39, and almost immediately became gripped by the need to do something with the last year of my 30's.
A glass or two of red wine later and here I am.....back on my blog.....but what should I do?
I contemplated a Bucket List and it was all going really well until I remembered that I am terrified of heights, unable to swim (and with no inclination to so much as dip my toe in a puddle), and have no sense of balance.  I am fundamentally anti-social and cannot stand opera.
This pretty much ruled me out for the usual Bucket List suspects - the parachute jump, cross channel swim, tightrope walking, going to an opera (yes, really!  I googled it!) - so what to do?
Well, I have often been called opinionated and I do enjoy a bit of writing so I hit upon the idea of doing something less physically challenging......sitting down and redesigning my blog into a place where a 39 year old woman can pour her thoughts, ramblings, insightful commentary and cutting edge observations.  Not a puddle or parachute in sight.  Brilliant.
So here we go....a new name which I feel reflects where I am in my life and a new purpose.  
Ladies.  This is a call to arms.  Grab your red wine.  Smear on your anti-wrinkle cream and join me as we stand together and take on our forties!

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