Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My "Facing Forty" Bucket List

Before you read this list, you need to understand something about me.  I am basically scared of everything - spiders, heights, over-taking big lorries on a dual carriageway, flying, driving places I don't know very get the idea right?  Scared. 
Not the greatest person to come up with a list of dare-devil things to do before she reaches 40 then?  No.
So my list is pretty short and not that taxing to achieve, but it does present some challenges for me and I am placing it on the internet to increase my chances of actually doing here goes.
  • Write a short story
  • Get someone to publish said short story (nb. that could be me, on this site...depends how desperate I get!)
  • Cook one new savoury dish each month
  • Write a letter to myself to be read when I am 49
  • Drive on a motorway (yes, really!)
  • Start a business (more later in the year on this one)
  • Re-open LifeRedesign (my 'old' business venture)
  • Make a will (I know, irresponsible and boring but by outing myself as will-less I might actually make one!)
  • Do something that terrifies me at least once 

I might add to this as I get more brave.  For now, this feels like enough!

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