Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

This week has been rubbish - there have been hormones, ultrasound scans (not pregnant, just a check up), constant headaches and a feeling of overall dumpiness that I guess comes with the hormones but is unassisted by my need to wrap myself up warmly on a chilly evening.

I look just like this now!
So, I decided to take the bull by the horns and end the week on a dramatic note.  I have dyed my hair!!   Red!!!  It's cool!!!!

I should explain that my natural hair colour is an unimpressive and thoroughly forgettable mouse/rat brown.  Kind of nondescript really.  Neither blond nor brunette but somewhere in between.

I have had highlights in the past and have managed to make myself pretty blond/ginger with the liberal use of some bleach in a spray that was all the rage in the early nineties.....but these days, I am just plain mousy.

With the arrival of autumn and with all of the lovely reds and oranges and yellows as the leaves change and fall, I started playing with the idea of becoming a redhead for a while.  A few celebs have done it and they looked great, so why not me?

I marched out to the pharmacy and bought a semi-permanent dye and it has been sat in the bathroom for over a week now while I talked myself in and then back out of doing it.

Part of my concern was that at 35 I would look like I was trying too hard.....soon snapped out of that though.  I mean.....35 is not old is it!!  I seem to have written myself off as ancient and it is time to stop.

So this afternoon, halfway through my chores and up to my eyes in laundry, I dropped everything and did it.

As I sat waiting for the 15 minutes to pass before I could rinse off the dye, I started to have doubts, but heck - it was too late by then so I ploughed on, and head is now red.  I am officially a redhead.

And the best news is......I absolutely love it!  I feel like a million dollars.  Best thing I could have done to lift my spirits.

I am hot!  Red hot!

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