Thursday, 12 May 2011

Super-Injuctions - The Latest Celebrity Must-Have?

 The last few weeks have been mental chez-moi, with all sorts going on.  The result being that I have missed a good deal of what is normally passed off as news.

This week though my ears have pricked up at the repeated use of the latest buzz-word.....super-injunction.

Sometimes its better to face the music...isn't it?
I know this is the newest word in pop-culture for one simple eight year old son is using it (incorrectly obviously!  There are no genuine grounds for an eight year old to use a word such as this surely?!).

With the press all a flutter over the concept, I have to wonder why on earth we need such a thing.  I mean, surely the situation is blissfully simple?

If you are innocent of all accusations of wrong-doing.....sue anyone who prints it

If you have done something that is so shameful that you feel the need to block it from the sight of the world....time to look in the mirror and check out the quality of the person staring back at you, and face the proverbial music.

I don't agree that the press should have licence to destroy innocent lives, but I really do believe that if you can't take the heat (and by that I mean the press attention and reputational carnage) stay out of the kitchen (and by that I mean keep your hands (etc) to yourself).

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