Friday, 13 May 2011

Eurovision.....Leave your national pride at the door

Here we go again's Eurovision weekend here in sunny Blighty and once again, the country is braced for international humiliation.
Every year we enter an act that we all know would never make the top 100 if the song was downloadable.  We seem to scour the country seeking the best of the worst.....the creme de la creme of awful.  And then every year we all sit watching the telly as each participating country gives us "nil points" and exclaim indignantly that it is all so unfair!
A previous UK act.......I need say no more
Except it isn't.  Really.  Or is it?
The UK is not the most popular country in the world I'll admit.  We have steadfastly ignored the Euro, we get ourselves all tangled up in conflicts all over the world.....maybe it isn't so shocking that we don't get any points.
Add to that the fact that we are pretty much the only island that competes, and therefore have no proper neighbours on whom we can rely and it all starts to make a bit more sense.  Okay, Ireland normally give us a handful of points, but we can normally rely on France to completely ignore us (centuries of disharmony cannot be wiped away by a bad song and some sequins it would seem).
And so, the UK lurches into another round of humiliation......another chance for our Euro-zone buddies to show just exactly how much they dislike our music... except that this year, we seem to have managed to persuade an actual band....who have charted.....and aren't to hard on the represent us.  
Will it make any difference.....who knows?
I for one plan to watch the event with a glass in my hand, my tongue in my cheek and a smile on my face....after all, if you expect nothing - or "nil points" - you can't lose!

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