Monday, 24 January 2011

One Smile.....Located!

First up, my sincere apologies for being such a miserable old boot in my last post.  Lets just say that the new year got me down a bit and leave it at that.  But really, I am sorry.

Anyhoo.....January marches on with determination and I roll with it as best as I can. 

The happy couple....if you ignore the divorce
Obviously, I along with the rest of all humanity am rocked to the core of my being about the tragic demise of the marriage between Katie Price/Jordan and Alex Reid.  NOT!  For those of you who are lucky enough not to have any idea who I am talking about, Katie/Jordan is a self-obsessed, publicity hungry plastic nightmare that seems to exist on column inches like normal people need oxygen.

She married Alex Reid, the (not very) well-known cage fighter - yes....really....a "cage fighter"!! - last year and the pair of them have spent the intervening months getting progressively more fake-tan induced orange and  grotesque.

Now she is claiming that he is too fame-obsessed (you honestly couldn't make it up could you!) and has accused him of being a cross-dresser (google him and you'll see he is gonna have trouble denying it!) and he has responded by effectively refusing to leave the marital home and pleading depression and misery.  

Having previously endured the bombardment of publicity surrounding her divorce from Peter Andre (I was definitely Team Andre in that one!), I cannot face the prospect of living through divorce number two!

Back in the real world, my life maintains its usual glamourous air of delight......I am still employed (not to be taken for granted in this day and age), I am still happily married (not to be taken for granted in this day and age) and I am still carrying all of my cruise/Christmas weight (very much taken for granted unfortunately!).

I had hoped to shed a significant amount of weight before my birthday in a couple of weeks, but alas, all willpower has left me in the face of the veritable mountain of chocolate and yummy food left over from the festive season.

So when I say I am rolling through January......I very much mean it.....literally rolling...ha ha!

So there you go.  I am back.  Smile firmly in place.  Sarcasm restored.  All is well once more.

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