Friday, 10 August 2012

Shopping for stress relief.....Hell yeah!

Well thank goodness for that!  Friday night is here and boy, am I ready for it this week.

This week has gone quite quickly but it has been tough.....really tough.....but tough in ways that you can't really pin down.  Kind of invisible stress that makes you feel crappy but you can't actually show anyone.  I know I'm not making much sense here, but maybe that because I am so....well....stressed?!

Anyway.  In order to relieve some of this stress, I took the step that I know any females reading this will understand immediately.  I indulged in some retail therapy.  And not just any retail therapy.  Oh no.  I am talking about the kind of retail therapy that only women can grasp.  The kind of retail therapy that brings a special smile to your face.

Ladies.....I am talking about buying shoes!  These little beauties to be exact.......

Now don't get me wrong.....I do realise that I already have about ten pairs of black heels, and yes, I can see that they will be hard to drive in, and no, I don't think that they will be very practical in the snow......but after the week from invisible stress hell, do you honestly think I care?  Nope!! 

The shoes are MINE and as impractical and black as they may be, I love them!

Damn, it's great being a girl sometimes!

Happy Friday!

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