Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Week of Highs and Lows - God Bless Sundays!

This week has been pretty worrying, with my little blog getting some traffic from sites that can best be described as not my cup of tea.  I am no prude, don't get me wrong - but how and why a community of people interested in sharing themselves in the most intimate of manners could want to be connected to my blog is beyond me.

Anyway, a quick tweak to my details and I seem to have lost them....fingers crossed.  If the blog suddenly disappears, you'll know that I didn't shake them off as successfully as I had hoped.

On to other things......this week has seen me notch up my 90th follower.  This is very exciting for me and gets me closer to my overall target of 100 followers. 

My blogging frequency has dropped but that is in part due to the invasion explained above, and partly because my creative well remains a little dry.

I am off for some pre-birthday shopping now (mine!), and I need to get ready, so I will sign off with the following two messages:

  1. If you feel inclined to take pity on me and help me reach 100 followers I would be nothing but grateful and would follow you straight back!
  2. Have the most wonderfully relaxing Sunday you can find!

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