Thursday, 2 December 2010

World Cup 2018 - Am I Bothered?

Okay so I don't really like football, although I do have a special fondness for Jose Mourinho but I promise that this does not influence my judgement on what some news programmes are referring to as a dismal day for the UK.

For sale....One over-sized football.  Never been used.
(Never likely to be used again)
((You can also have Wayne for £5))
 (((David isn't for sale!)))
I am perhaps one of tiny minority of people who are actually pleased that we didn't get the 2018 World Cup.  Frankly, I am delighted we didn't get it.

The 2012 Olympics are just a short 18 months away and that fills me with enough dread as to inspire me to consider booking a holiday at the exact same time as the Olympics just to miss the bloody thing, and a world cup would be even more awful to live through.

Obviously I am devastated that the beautifully perfect David Beckham has to be so disappointed after he has made such an effort to secure the bid, but even David cannot persuade me that I should be down hearted at our loss to Russia.

I now have hope that my life will be free of sport-related hype and overwhelmingly irritating publicity and daft logos everywhere.....not to mention the fact that the country is financially crippled enough without having to find even more cash to fund a sporting event that we don't really need.

So I am happy.  Well done Russia!  Good for you!

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