Monday, 29 November 2010

Tickle My Fancy

I always check my blog each day at work......okay, mostly to play the games on the toolbar below......but a girl has to do something while she eats her lunch right?!

Problem is that work is pretty tough right now.  Everything is crappy and I am on a huge deadline that is making me scared.  So I need something to cheer me up.  Something pretty that shows me that not all things in life are boring and stressful. So this post is just for me.  Simply for the purpose of making me smile while I eat my sandwich.  My little present to myself.  Proof that not everything in life is about deadlines and pressure.

Angel (that's me), cheer up and wrap your bloodshot, tired eyes around this.

Dear David......How lovely you to brighten my day for sure

There.....All better now. xx

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