Monday, 6 December 2010

Me? Stressed? Oh Yes Indeedy!

First off, my apologies for not being as prompt at my blogging as I once was.  Truth be told, I am facing a MAJOR deadline at the end of the month, threatening my enjoyment of Christmas and generally trashing my festive spirit.

Husband and I are off on a cruise next week for an injection of much needed relaxation and a sprinkling of Christmas magic, but the sad fact is that the prospect of being away for a week is just increasing my sky-high stress levels even further! a nutshell........not much blogging from me this month.  Any spare time I find myself with will be focused on gift buying, gift wrapping, gift buying and a little bit more gift wrapping.  I am a teensy bit behind schedule festively speaking!

I may blog a bit on the cruise - depending in wifi connection and alcoholic consumption (and not necessarily in that order!) - but the idea of a week away from modern life is so appealing that I may even leave my laptop behind as well!

We shall see.

For now, dear blog friends, I will simply wish you a happy December, an enjoyable festive build up to the big day and the promise that I will be back once the fog has lifted and I am back to full strength.  xxx

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