Thursday, 25 November 2010


I hate snow.  To be brutally honest....I am a bit scared of snow. 

It's not the little white flakes that I fear as much as the total inconvenience of it.  Snow n the UK is like a full-on event.  It makes the news headlines, it grinds city and road networks to a halt and it shuts schools by the hundreds.

But for me, the big problem is mobility.  I hate driving in snow.  I am not a confident driver at the best of times, but put me on an icy surface and I panic.

Worse still, I even hate to walk on snow!  I have a mortal fear of slipping over!

So imagine my angst when the news broke a couple of days ago that the UK was to brace itself for a sustained period of snow and ice.  The whole country breaks into rejoicing at the potential for the first white Christmas in years, and all I can do is rush out to the shops to buy big winter boots and de-icer!

Snow is pretty.  And on a weekend, I am more than happy to wrap myself up and pull on my wellies for a good snowball fight.  But when I have to drive to work, then make my way up the hill to the office without falling flat on my backside, it all loses its novelty and I start to pray for a thaw!

Bring on the spring, that's what I say! 

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Crystal said...

We live in the plains of South Dakota...which means COLD and SNOW! I love the snow...not so much driving in it...but watching it and playing in it! Right now it's about 4-5 inches and -10 degress. BRRRR!!

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