Monday, 15 November 2010

Harry Potter and the Over Crowded Cinema

I love Harry Potter.  Not literally, obviously!  The boy is young enough to be my son and he is a touch on the short side for me......I love the books and films.

So as a devoted Potter-ette, I am rather excited about going to see the movie next week...except for one small, teensy detail.  I hate crowds.  No.  More specific.  I hate crowded cinemas.

I cannot be the only person who finds the incessant chatter in the row behind a little irritating surely?  Can I possibly be the only woman who gets a little angry when you get to the crucial piece of dialogue and the person in front of you chooses that exact moment to open their bag of M&M's?

Can anyone tell me if it is a recognised medical condition that requires a person to get up, squeeze past 30 people just to go and answer the call of nature at the same moment that the film starts, having sat motionless for the duration of the 15 movie trailers?

Simply put, I am a person of minimal, perhaps non-existent patience and I do find that in general people annoy me quite quickly.  

Maybe I should steer clear of the cinema and wait for the DVD?  Or perhaps I could wait for the crowds to die down a bit after a couple of weeks.

That sounds like a plan.  Early December should do it.

Sorry to be so grouchy....I just can't help it some days!


Panda said...

Hey you! Ah i havent sat in a crowded theater since...maybe lord of the rings came oh wait never mind i lie! last year when twilight came out again...yes i stood in line and hung out with the teenyboppers. i will do it again! but other than that i dont see movies opening weekend...although with this movie you may have to wait till January!

Carrie said...

i hate that tooo!!! ugh. i would wait till the DVD comes out but that would just be waaay too long. so i think i'm gonna wait a little while to see it. maybe sometime next week!


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