Sunday, 14 November 2010

When Do I Get My Sunday? Hmmmm?

Sunday should be a day of rest should it not?  A day when you should be able to put your feet up and relax after six days of hard work and effort.

It should be a day when you can spend an extra hour in bed, where it is okay to take a little longer to drink your morning tea and a day when there should be no pressing requirement to do anything at all.

This is what my Sunday looks like!
So why, dear reader, was I sprinting out of bed at an ungodly hour to get myself washed and dressed and downstairs to make bread, then rushing back upstairs to tip my beloved out of the bed (that he had yet to move from) so that I could change and wash the sheets.

Where in my idea of what Sunday should be does it say that I would be sitting at the kitchen table prompting my son to think of his favorite quotes from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone so as to demonstrate his recognition of an example of an excellent application of the English language (he is eight for goodness sake!).

When I eventually sat down with the proverbial cup of tea, I am on the net, ordering school photographs online before passing the details, school uniform, completed homework and school bag over to his father who will arrive at midday to collect him.

Bread is now in the oven, child is with his father, husband has moved from bed to chair and remains motionlessly playing his Nintendo DS.  All I have to do before I can become blissfully motionless is to make lunch, wash the kitchen floor, wash and dry two loads of laundry and make a roast beef dinner.

So by my reckoning, I should be able to sit down and enjoy my Sunday at about 7pm tonight.  Leaving me a full three hours before my eyes get heavy, I crawl up to my (freshly laundered) bed and drop off to sleep.

I hope your Sunday is more restful than mine!

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Jen said...

I swear, I look forward to the weekends all week long but I'm not sure why... all I do is laundry, cooking and housecleaning!! ;-)

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