Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Royal Engagement, A New Generation of Princess

Prince William is finally going to marry Kate Middleton and I for one am a very happy member of the British public as a result.  A good old fashioned royal wedding is just what this country needs to perk it up after a pretty rotten few years.

I have watched the official interview and have observed the closeness and obvious love between them.  It is all just so lovely.

But there is one small problem.  I have referred to it in earlier blog posts.

The British press.

Kate is in the unfortunate position of being the most directly comparable person to Diana - somewhat unassisted by the decision to give her Diana's engagement ring.  Every step she takes will be compared to Diana.  She will never be good enough in the eyes of some.

For the record, I would consider myself to be one of Diana's greatest fans.  I sat in front of the TV, aged 6, with my hair styled just like Diana's as I watched her step from the gold coach unravelling the miles of train that followed her.

I had a monthly subscription to Royalty magazine throughout the 80's.  I bought book after book of pictures of her and followed her every move for a decade.

Even when I hit my teens, my admiration for her remained.  I cancelled the subscription, and the book buying dried up, but I was always aware of her.

On August 30th 1997, I sat watching the late night news as footage of her and Dodi Fayed strolling along the beach in Sardinia was shown.  And I cried like a baby the following morning when I woke to the news that whilst I was asleep she had passed away.

Kate seems like a lovely woman.  In the face of the worlds press she has carried herself with elegance and poise today that she should be proud of.

I sincerely hope that she can be allowed to be Kate and not be pressured into feeling that she needs to be more like Diana. 

Diana had her time, and she loved her children.  To see William as happy as he is today would have made her heart sing, and she would not want that happiness to be threatened by any kind of comparison with her.

I just pray that the paparazzi and the British press allow Kate to find her own way.  She deserves that chance.

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bec said...

i think that kate is so great, i really hope the paps and the tabloids are kind to her and william!

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