Sunday, 7 November 2010

Five Days!

So I finally managed to get the phone company to register my faulty line.....and they respond telling me that they guarantee to get me reconnected to the rest of the world within five days.  FIVE DAYS!
That is an eternity in my world.....I cannot live without the internet for five hours, let alone five bloody days!
I use the internet to make even the most basic decisions.  I have boxed up my brain and now use Google where my memory once served.  I am obsessed with blogging, I need Facebook, my christmas shopping is all saved in my Amazon wishlist ready to order.....I am thwarted!
This whole catastrophe makes me even more grateful to husband for whisking me away to the hotel where we were married two years ago today, for the weekend simply because they have free WiFi - but I am not so sure that he had envisaged me sat on the canopy bed, drinking champagne and typing a blog post!
A girls got to do what a girls got to do....and this girl has to blog!

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