Monday, 25 October 2010

Oh Baby!

Okay, so I am feeling slightly better although my head still feels like it has been to a party that the rest of my body wasn't invited to, but its nothing a few painkillers can't resolve, so onwards I march.....

This weekend has seen a bit of a baby boom with the likes of Matt Damon and his wife Luciana having their fourth child and the lovely Celine Dion delivering her twin boys a month early, but thankfully safely.

If only it were this simple!
News of all of these babies is lovely and on the one hand, I am happy for all of the parents involved.  On the other hand it makes me feel a bit sad.

Celine and her husband have a 26 year age gap compared with myself and my husband who are 22 years apart.  We have many, many blessings in our marriage but sadly a baby has not so far been one of them.  We have had a couple of what I would describe as near-misses, where we thought it had happened but it turned out not to be the case, and after three years of trying we have pretty much decided to let nature take its course (or not, as I suspect is more likely).

I imagine if we had the wealth of Celine and Rene, there would be possibilities for husband and I that simply aren't feasible for us right now and this is often something of a relief if only because I am not sure I am strong enough to go through anything as invasive as IVF.

I am blessed with a child from my first marriage and I have two wonderful grown up step-children, and so the void is by no means a gaping one.  I have much to be glad and thankful for.

As for Celine and Rene, Matt and Luciana - well done and congratulations.  Enjoy the moment - it is precious. 


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