Sunday, 19 September 2010

Top 5 Sexiest Men.....but why?

What makes a man attractive to millions of women?  Is it the face, the body, the personality, the wealth?

I was watching Prince of Persia last night and was overwhelmed with an unexpected warmth ad love for Jake Gyllenhaal.  This took me completely by surprise!  I have been aware of his existence on earth for many years now, but never have I found myself so moved by his loveliness as I was last night.

Those of you who know me will understand that my inclination is for the older man rather than those of a similar or younger vintage to myself.  And as I do not really get overly excited by a six pack, I cannot claims that Jake's physique was what moved me (although it didn't repulse me either, lets be clear!).

So what is it that makes a man attractive?

To answer this question, I have gone to the trouble of investigating the top five most popular male stars (according to the font of all knowledge that is Google) and have, at huge personal cost, studied each of them in close detail t try and get to the bottom of their popularity. 

I should add that I have no idea at all who four of them are, thus ensuring my absolute objectivity.....and reinforcing my suspicion that I am indeed losing my grip on pop culture!

Here goes.....and in reverse order....

5)  Kellan Lutz

Kellan, 25, Star of Twilight
4)  Xavier Samuel
Xavier, 26, Star of Twilight
3)  Iam Somerhalder

Ian, 31, Star of the Vampire Diaries

2)  Taylor Lautner

Taylor, 18, Star of.....erm....Twilight

1)  Robert Pattinson

Robert, 24, Star of......guess!

After hours and hours of research and effort, scouring the world wide web for everything I could find on these five men, questioning hundreds of women for their views and in no way using a famous magazine website as my source, I have settled on one startlingly unavoidable conclusion.
Being a vampire is the greatest aphrodisiac on the planet!
(Unless you are me - I still prefer Jake Gyllenhaal!)

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Carrie said...

Taylor Lautner is so hot!

thank you so much for following me. i am now your newest follower too!


Livi said...

Jake Gyllenhaal is so hot! all those vampires, I dont find attractive?! but so many women do :)

Angel said...

@ Carrie - Thanks for following. Taylor a little too young for me I'm afraid! I like my men way older than that!

@ Livi - Jake is delicious! Thanks for checking out my blog.

Panda said...

OMG! Edward is my Lover!! haha well actually i just think its too funny (don't tell him i said that) I think Jake Gyllenhaal is fricken fracken hott!! um gonna have to go home and rewatch Jar head! i dont know about his muscles in the new i like him skinny.

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