Sunday, 19 September 2010

Help - Save me from Bieber Fever!

I have another Blog and with it a problem.......

A few days ago, I opened a poll to select the most handsome guy out of a choice of three, with the winner receiving place of honour on my blog for all to check out next Thursday, or Heartthrob Thursday as it is affectionately known.

Here's the problem.  Justin Beiber is now drawing neck and neck with Brad Pitt ,and George Clooney is lagging behind in third place!

I simply cannot have a picture of Justin Beiber as my heartthrob Thursday winner - it just wouldn't be right!  I am old enough to be his mother for a start!

So I am calling on your generosity and kindness now.....please can you cast your vote here and save me from the humiliation of Beiber-fever.


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