Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Ever since I can remember, I have been afraid of spiders.  And not just a wickle bit scared - I am talking about absolutely gut wrenching terror!

I have progressed slightly through the years and can now remove some kinds of spider without the assistance of a braver individual - for example, I can happily manage the really thin legged, tiny bodied ones.  But the big black hairy ones the size of your hand.....not a bloody chance!

I can clearly remember being a teenager, home alone while my parents were out with friends, noticing a spider on my ceiling and getting my dad to some home just to save me!!  He was not amused - particularly as said spider was pretty tiny by today's gargantuan standards!

Then another time, parents outs again, I wandered out of my bedroom and into the hallway to find the BIGGEST SPIDER EVER on the wall opposite my room.  Despite the call of nature, I ran back into my room, quickly blocked the minuscule gap between the floor and the door with anything I could find and then sat in wait for the key in the front door.  The second my dad came in, I called the house number from my mobile and pleaded for immediate rescue!  Luckily the BIGGEST SPIDER EVER was still where I had seen it and Dad valiantly saved me from the hairy, eight legged beast.

That was then, and this is almost 20 years later so you would hope that I would have rationalised things a little in my mind wouldn't you?

Nope!  Last night, a flippin huge spider legs it across the lounge floor and I am standing on the couch screaming for my husband to save me - which he did, thankfully.

And then (would you believe!) as I sat here typing this blog post, and even bigger spider waltzed across the floor in front of me - husband to the rescue again but dear God my nerves are frayed.

Now here's the problem.  Tomorrow night, husband is out.  Leaving me alone and unsupported in my fear of arachnids.  I don't quite now how I am going to manage it but my rough plan is to go to bed before it gets dark and pray that I don't notice anything spider shaped until he gets home. 

So if anyone has any tips on how to keep spiders out of your house, I would be extremely grateful!

And anything I post tomorrow night will likely be from under my duvet by torchlight!  Gulp!

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Panda said...

haha oh man. i hate spiders too! they keep making webs in my dinning room, like across the room. SO NOT COOL! Good luck!

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