Tuesday, 21 September 2010

French Bread v The People

Every person has the capacity for kindness and caring in some way.  I am not saying that everyone has these qualities in abundance, but somewhere in each of us, there is an inclination to care for something.

I have a tendency to care a bit too much and unfortunately for me, this can come back and bite me.  My tendency is to be nice to everyone unless they give me reason to stop.  I am more likely to talk to a stranger who looks like they need a friend than I am to keep on walking and many’s the time I have been laughed at for picking up the broken french bread stick in the bakery “because no-one else will”.

That’s me.  A one woman home for waifs and strays, a “Little Miss Fix it” for the broken and damaged of the world.

French Bread - infinately less complex than a person!

I don’t mind.  I enjoy the positive side of being able to help.  I enjoy to see people start to smile, or realise their confidence.  

But every now and then, there is a negative side.  Sometimes when you reach out to help, the person you reach for in good faith turns out to be someone who will rail against you for doing just that.  They will use your good intentions against you.

This has only happened once in my 36 years, and that once was today.  And it is fair to say that I am not taking it well.  But I am not going to launch into a tirade of words about the bitterness of my experience.  I simply want to say two things……..
To care is human (and I’m not going stop)…….


next time, I’m sticking to french bread sticks!

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