Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Ok Spiders.....I'm ready for ya!

Okay people......I have a spider strategy!

After very few hours of sleep and a good deal of spider-related nightmares, I have returned home from a long day at work with a plan. 

Less gun, more hairspray!
Stage One - I have identified all possible entry points for the eight legged beasts

Stage Two - I have located the masking tape!

Stage Three - Got down on hands and knees and applied masking tape to every gap identified during stage one

Stage Four - liberally applied baking powder in front of larger and harder to block entry sites

Stage Five - When child is in bed (approx 8pm) grab everything I require (book, laptop, drinks, snacks TV guide etc) and head up to my bedroom without looking at the floor.

Stage Six - Make nest in bed and stay put until husband comes home!

Stage Seven (Battle mode) - Should spider appear, arm myself with mega-super-extra-hold hairspray and spray like my life depends on it!

Whilst this may all seem a little heavy handed, it should be pointed out that I am officially the most terrified person in the universe when it comes to spiders!

Wish me luck!

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Panda said...

HAHAHAHAHAH glad you have a plan...or had. i dont know what time it is. good luck!

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