Monday, 20 September 2010

Shoe Love - Why Don't Men Get It?

A few months ago, I invested in a pair of shoes for the summer, in a light colour to complement my summer wardrobe.

(This opening statement is in fact a complete lie, as I don’t actually have summer wardrobe at all! I exist in dark trouser and skirt suits all year round, but as it is summer, you can get away with light coloured shoes on a technicality. And my husband always falls for it!)

Having purchased said shoes, I was immediately presented by a handbag dilemma – namely that I didn’t have one in the correct shade to match my new summer shoes. Thankfully the early summer sales stepped in and offered me the handbag of my dreams in exactly the correct shade and at 30% off! God bless that little Radley dog!

Obviously my husband was suitably baffled by my need for additional footwear and even more perplexed by the handbag, on the basis that I cannot claim to have a shortage of either! Quite the opposite in fact…..I have hundreds of bags and shoes, but never the right ones for the right occasion if you know what I mean – and if you’re a girl, you will!

Anyway, back to the shoes……All I can say about them is that they are quite simply the most comfortable pair of heels I have EVER worn. They are nice and roomy at the toe, with a dainty little bow on the side and frankly, I love them. They are my absolute favourite shoes ever. I have worn them almost every day since they came into my possession, and alas they are sadly now beginning to show signs of wear and tear.

Therefore imagine my unbridled delight when I found myself passing the shop from whence said shoes were purchased, only to notice that they had a sale on! And it gets even better! My shoes were in the sale…..and……and!……they had them in three other colours!

Ten minutes and a huge smile later, I was the proud owner of three new pairs of shoes, exactly identical to those I was wearing as I left the shop – my bemused and confused husband trailing in my wake.

Ok...these aren't the shoes, but goodness me they are beautiful!
I will never understand why men find it so hard to understand why women need to have so many pairs of shoes, nor will I ever grasp how it can confuse a man that having four pairs of the same style of shoe, in four different colours is anything but essential, when said shoes are absolutely heavenly to wear, and practical, and beautiful, and with little bows on! It’s a no-brainer surely!

Either way, I don’t care a tiny bit – I love my new shoes……Now, what about a red handbag………?


Panda said...

oh i love that shoe!! i have a ton of shoes also and always need more. im thinking i need a room just for my shoes and handbags...

Angel said...

@ Panda - The shoe in the pic is Alexander McQueen - prob costs more than I earn! I love it tho! x

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