Monday, 20 September 2010

I Must Not Eat Cake....or Chocolate....or Anything Really!

What is it that suddenly clicks in a womans brain that takes her from “totally unable to stop eating everything” to “utterly determined not to eat cake”?

Having had two holidays in the last three months, my waistline is, lets say, generously reflecting how much I have enjoyed myself!  My clothes are uncomfortable and the weighing scales are now the thing I fear most in the world apart from spiders!

In the past, some kind of mystical overnight transformation has occurred which has manifested in me waking up one morning, making the decision not to eat anything tasty until I have shed 10 pounds and somehow, sticking to it!  I have been magically blessed with willpower in abundance and the weight has dutifully fallen off, leaving me satisfactorily slimmer and good to go back to the junk food way of life I crave.

Yum yum!
But despite getting out of bed every morning, hoping that today is my “mystical willpower day”, nothing is happening.  Nothing.  Not a bloody thing.  Each day I get up and my first waking thought is more “give me a donut” and nothing like “give me a diet shake and an evening meal”.

So what is it that makes us suddenly motivated to get thinner?  I don’t just mean wanting to lose weight, I mean psychologically up to the task – you know, kind of iron-willed “no! you cannot force that cream cake into my mouth no matter how hard you try!” kind of thing.
Anyhooo - it’s not happening for me yet.  Today alone, one giant choc chip cookie and a jam donut – and that was me trying to be good!  Honest!

So if anyone has any tips on where I can buy some will power (getting quite desperate now as only one hole left on my belt) I would be most sincerely grateful!

I suppose there’s always tomorrow morning…

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