Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Perils of Blogging for Beginners.......

Today marks the second weekiversary of my life as a blogger, and in that time I have created more than one blog and spent every second of my precious spare time "managing" them......every spare second.  I have become obsessed.  But why?
My intention, when I created this, my very first Blog, was simply to connect with the world and entertain my love of writing a little bit.  I had (and still do not have) a specific agenda or topic that I am trying to put across.  My raison d'etre is more social commentary than to be an expert on anything.  Clearly, being an expert is probably more sensible, but realistically I am not an expert in anything worth writing about!

My second Blog (Life, Love & Celebrity) was meant to be more serious but has somehow deteriorated into celebrity-bashing, social commentary, and blog three (Smile!) is all about trying to find something beyond recession, rain, errant footballers and Justin Beiber in each day - my attempt at being grown up and "deep".

So I write my posts. I publish them. I tweet them.  I Digg them.  I Reddit them. I stumble them.  I keep my fingers crossed. 

I never imagined that I would even know what Digg, Reddit or Stumble even were in my pre-blog existence :-(   Oh, how my life has changed.

My traffic (blog speak for number of hits, which is internet speak for the number of times my blog gets looked at!) is pretty good, and I have even managed to get 2 followers on this one, but still I remain unsatisfied.  I want more traffic, I want more followers.  It is driving me insane!

I have gone from being a reasonably normal woman in her mid thirties, to a blog-obsessed, internet mad, cyber-geek who cannot even dream about anything apart from blogging!

I need help.  I need something to make the obsession stop.  I need followers, I need stumbles!  Only by achieving a small amount of success will the obsession wane.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that blogging would take over my life.

Please help me.......Take pity on me......."like" me, give me a "thumbs up", anything.  You would be saving me from my totally blog-obsessed self. 

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