Monday, 13 September 2010

Back Seat Bloggers there anything more irritating than having someone talking to you while you are on the phone to someone else?

Well, in my view there is.....Picture the scene:

Little me, sat innocently typing away on my other blog (Smile! for those of you brave enough to have a look!), trying to compose something suitably deep and appropriate for the mood I am trying to create, and then, a voice rips into my concentration.

"Have you gone into Amazon yet?"

"No....I'm blogging.  Give me a minute"

I settle back into my concentrated state, taking my inspiration from the peace and tranquility of the room when......

"When you go in, can you get that Train CD?"

"Yes.  In a minute okay? I'm blogging" (hoping the emphasis will make the point!)

"Sorry love"

You can guess what's coming next........."Oh..and Brandon Flowers if it's out"

I issue the death-stare and he recoils.  "Sorry love".

I am BLOGGING!  Got it!!!!

So there you have it.  A short post on Smile! and a ranty one on here.  I might have a bash at something a bit more meaningful on Love, Life & Celebrity later when he's watching the football!

....and in 3-5 working days, I'll maybe post a review of Train or Brandon Flowers!


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