Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Man of Your Dreams....Only a Click Away!

Everyone needs something beautiful in their life.....something to bring a smile to the face, to put a twinkle in the eye, to add a spring to our step.

Well, my mission in life is to bring all of these wonders to you.....yes you!

Clickety click - This could be you! 
Out of the goodness of my heart, I have gone to the trouble of setting up the facility for you to select one of a panel of gorgeous male specimens to appear on this blog every Thursday, bright and early.....and to leave them here forever as part of my Heartthrob archive.

All you have to do is your mouse against the one or two that take your fancy and I will do the rest.  Then you can visit and revisit until your heart is content to view the object of your desire.

All you have to do, to realise this utopia of happiness is click here and select your guy of choice in the poll.

Then set your watch to come back next Thursday and see if your guy has won.

And as if that isn't tempting enough....I will even take suggestions for future weeks!  Just leave me a comment saying who you are after, and I will add them on to the next available week.  Simple as that!

So off you go and vote......and remember, the man of your dreams is only a click away!

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bec said...

jake gets my vote!! :)

great blog you've got, i'm following :) check mine out if you'd like!

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