Saturday, 25 September 2010

500 Reasons to be Cheerful!

Today has been a landmark for me.  I have two blogs - this one and Life, Love and Celebrity and they have both done really well.

This one has managed to achieve 500 page views, and Life, Love & Celebrity has scored over 1000!  I am so pleased!

Between them, both blogs have attracted views from 25+ countries and that is just amazing to me!

So if you have been here before and you are one of my 500, thank you so much!

My next target is to get to 10 followers on this blog, and 20 on the other one - quite a bit of work to do there I can tell you!

Thanks again! xx

Update:  Since posting this, I have managed to get to five followers on here and 10 on my other blog - So I'm now halfway to my target on both!  Thanks guys!


Eleanor said...

I'm bringing the total up to 4 on this one! Please have a look at mine in return. Like the randomness of this page - it's like flicking through a glossy mag x

Eleanor said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes I'd be happy if you wanted to write an article and link back to me. I'm all for promoting positive awareness of the condition, especially where it shows that with the right help and support, ASD children can be happy and go far in life x

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