Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ten Reasons Why Today Has Rocked!

1)  This blog has now hit 700 page views in three weeks - I am thrilllllllllllled!

2)  I have grown six new followers between this and my other blog from the US, Australia, Malaysia and here in the UK

3)  I have added three gorgeous new pics to my Eye Candy page especially for my lovely friend Panda

4)  I am listening to U2's greatest hits - which I forgot I had - and it is amazing!

5)  Tonight is the second part of the "Boot Camp" stage of X Factor (Like American Idol I think) and I LOVE Simon Cowell!

6)  I am having a huge roast beef dinner tonight!

7)  My husband is wearing my favorite of his shirts and he looks delectable!

8)  I have read a fascinating blog about autism and decided it is something I will try and learn watch this space.

9)  I have just finished a glass of sloe gin and tonic and it is now officially my favorite drink

10)  Apparently today I look slim.......yay!

I hope your day has been as good as mine!


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Panda said...

LOVE THIS!!!! i am totally checking out the blog about Autism.
Happy monday!!!

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