Friday, 17 September 2010

Justin Bieber Gets His Revenge

Okay, so they say you get what you give right?  So it looks like I'm paying the price for some less than positive comments I may have made about the Beiber on my other blog a few days ago.

My "Heartthrob Thursday" thing is going to backfire so BIG because there is a chance that Justin Beiber might win!  Then anyone who looks at my Blog will think that he is my heartthrob! 

This just cannot happen - the boy is young enough to be my son for goodness sake!  I only included him to be ironic and people are actually voting for him!!

So please, for the love of Elvis can you vote for George or Brad here and save me from the humiliation of Beiber-fever in my mid thirties!

Pretty please?  I'll even take a suggestion for next weeks heartthrob poll as payment if you like? (so long as it isn't Beiber!)

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Panda said...

hahahahaha WHY would anyone vote for him!

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