Thursday, 16 September 2010

Need a Man? Try Heartthrob Thursday!

This is my new concept.....dreamt up simply to cheer me up after a hard day and in the knowledge that I have a whole one more day to go before I hit the weekend.......Heartthrob Thursday.

The idea is that every week I will post a picture of someone gorgeous and list three options for the following Thursday - whichever gets the most votes, will be the next heartthrob get the idea?

So to start us off, I give you my own personal favorite (blog-owners perogative surely!):'s Johnny Depp

Hello Ladies...Happy Thursday!

Drink in the beauty and then take a moment to decide who you want for next Thursday.  Here's your options:

a) Justin Beiber
b) George Clooney
c) Brad Pitt

You will find the poll on the right hand side of the blog (over there -> ) and it will stay open until Wednesday 22nd September.

Whoever wins will be here for your delectation this time next week.

Don't let me down ladies - I need your help to get through next Friday!


Panda said...

HAHAHA i LOVE IT!! (gonna repost this)

Livi said...

would it be horrible if i voted for justin love it!! ;)

abigail said...

I voted for Brad Pitt but I'd be happy with good ol' George too...just no Justin Beiber, please! :)

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