Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go....Go...to Prison?

Now, I am not known to be backwards in coming forwards when it comes to sharing my opinions.  Heck, I blog for goodness sake!  Not the pastime of someone with nothing to say really is it?

So brace yourself.........here it comes.........

George Michael.  Mans prison.  Ridiculous.

Surely to Elvis, putting that man in a prison packed with men of all shapes and sizes as a punishment is like locking me in a chocolate factory for eight weeks and expecting me not to come out the size of a whale and smiling broadly! 

I mean, lets be honest.  Self control is not one of George's more obvious characteristics is it?  He has a fondness for public toilets that only he and a handful of the worlds population can relate to, and frankly, his mind must be all melted from the drugs he was taking when he smashed his Range Rover into a lamp post whilst off his face.

"My" George..........
No-one could be more distraught than me about his fall from grace.  We were going to get married....have children.....live in a big house.......while he sang Careless Whisper to me over and over again in his white shorts and Choose Life t-shirt.

Admittedly, that was way back when I was 10 years old and most of our life plans were made while I was singing into my hairbrush and talking to his face on a Make it Big album sleeve, perched on my windowsill.....but these are just minor details to me!

The beard that broke my heart
I came to terms with the loss of my first love, to be replaced by a bearded guitar player singing "Faith"! Mind you, the beard turned out to be the least of my problems in securing his love, but that's all water under the bridge now.

George has turned a different corner. 

And me and my hairbrush are doing just fine.

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