Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Daddy's Little Princess.....Really!

I was all set for a nice newsy, light-hearted post tonight - perhaps a reference to current events or something linked to an errant celebrity....but alas I find myself without any light hearted inspiration.  I am in a mire of anger and irritation and it seems to be blocking my creative juices from flowing. 

My days are hijacked by a person who has been so cherished/spoiled by her parents that she is incapable of existing in the real world.  There is no situation which for her cannot be resolved through either tears, a tantrum or a combination of both. 

Granted.....this is quite standard behaviour in a child.....but we are talking about a fully grown woman here!

Endless attempts to extract a more mature outlook have proved fruitless and I genuinely worry for her future.  She is a child in a woman's body.  Seriously.

So how do we ensure that our little daughters are made to feel as precious as they truly are when they are children but then make the transition to sending them out into the world as fully functioning and reasonable adults? 

I am fortunate enough to be blessed with only a son, and he stopped tantruming when he was three, and so the issue is not one that I have to face personally (not through choice mind you.....but that's a whole other post!), but as a manager, I have a vested interest in ensuring that all females ejected from school/university and into the workplace, are at least emotionally fit for purpose!

Boys/men are far from perfect, I am the first to admit......believe me!  But the fact is that as a general rule - and you can tell me if I am wrong here - men don't get red faced and sulk for four hours if they are told they have done something wrong.  Men don't tend to burst into tears if you remind them that they must be in the office by nine o clock and not 9.15.

So please, mothers of this world....please do all you can to give your daughter(s) the best chance of succeeding in their chosen field of employment.  Raise them to be secure in the knowledge that they are special.  Nurture the relationship between father and daughter....and then send them out into the world with a good grasp of real life and how to behave when the time comes.

As for me...I will plod on with the management scenario from hell and see where it takes me.....tomorrow. 

Tonight, I will indulge in a glass or two of red wine and a large bar of chocolate and forget about it all!


Crystal said...

I can honestly tell you that I hate working with women. I would much, much rather work with men. Women are katty, whiney, entitled, and sometimes bitchy! I hate it...every job I've left is because I can't work w/women!

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