Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Where is Madeleine McCann?

Tonight, my son wanted to say a prayer for my mother's dog, who passed away yesterday, but he wanted some help with it and I offered to stay with him.  To my great surprise, before he ended the prayer he added "....and please find Madeleine" before he said Amen.

Do you recognise the distinctive "stain" on her iris?
I had no idea that he was still praying for Madeleine and it occurred to me that if my little boy is still looking for her then maybe I should have a go too.  And then it struck me.

This blog is looked at by hundreds of people every week...people from countries all over the world.  This could be my chance to do my bit for the poor little girl and her heartbroken family.

For those of you who don't know about Madeleine, she was abducted from a hotel in Praia da Luz in Portugal in May 2007, and has effectively disappeared without trace.  Police investigations have dwindled to next to nothing now and her family are still refusing to give up hope of finding their little girl.

Madeleine needs to come home, and I intend to do my bit to make that happen.

Every Wednesday I will blog a post about Madeleine, with a big picture of the hope that someone somewhere might recognise her and bring her home to her family.

No child should be taken from its parents and no parents should have to suffer the heartbreak of not knowing where there child is in the world.  Someone somewhere knows where she is.  Lets bring her home.  

There are many ways you can support the effort to find her.  For more information, go to Find Madeleine.

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