Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Redefining Beauty Through Bravery

A group of Texas school girls have decided to forgo wearing makeup every Tuesday in an effort to redefine the popular view of beauty.  And more shocking even that that is the news that the young men are in agreement that they look better!

The whole point of the exercise is to increase self confidence and empowerment among an age group which most of us would remember as being one of self-awareness and embarrassment.

The idea started small, with just a few girls deciding that they would venture out exactly as nature intended after finding a website called Operation Beautiful which promotes the concept of natural beauty in preference to the increasing pressure to wear a cosmetic mask.

Gradually the concept grew and it has now become so popular within the school that the girls wear special purple T-shirts with the slogan "Redefining Beauty" on the front and "One girl at a time" on the back.

Feedback from the guys at the school has been really positive, with the consensus being that the girls look just as lovely without make up and that they don't need make up to be the wonderful people that they are.

This is such a positive news story that I just had to share it with you.  Regular readers will know that I hate anything to do with cosmetic surgery for reasons of vanity and it is a matter of great concern to me that young girls today are under so much pressure to be perfect.

It would be absolutely amazing if this concept could catch on and schools across the world decided to try it out - I know that it would be of huge benefit here in the UK, for sure.

So spread the word.....natural is great.  And thank you the young ladies of Colleyville Heritage High School in Colleyville, Texas - your bravery is inspiring and I wish you every success in redefining beauty.  Lord knows, it's time! 

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