Thursday, 21 October 2010

10/21 - Heartthrob Thursday - The Result is in!

Ladies, I give you the winner of Heartthrob Thursday 10/21........

Wentworth Miller

Well done girls......good choice!

So on to next week and I have decided to go for a Champion of Champions Heartthrob - pitting each of the winners so far against each other to see who is the ultimate man.

Therefore, your choices are:

Johnny Depp
Brad Pitt
Jake Gyllenhaal
Colin Farrell
Robert Downey Jr
Wentworth Miller

You can vote for more than one if you can't decide, so that should help ease the difficulty of the decision.

Vote will close next Wednesday evening (UK) so get your votes in while you can and don't forget to check back and see if your guy won on Thursday (10/28) morning.

See ya!


Panda said...

Happy thursday!! i am looking forward to next weeks winner. this will be interesting as they are all dreamy.

Panda said...

oh ps im grabbing your button!!

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