Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Attractive? Really? The Oddity of Attraction

Okay...we all have them.  Come on - admit it.....every one of us has someone that we fancy but would never admit to it amongst friends.

I'll go first if you like.......I'm talking about Phil Glenister, Eddie Izzard...and if I'm being brutally honest, Trevor Eve....but I'm only telling you that because "you" are safe to tell!  Truth is, I am baffled by it.

I mean - at what stage did it become okay to find men in camel overcoats attractive?  Hmmmmm?

Now don't get me first, I appeared to be immune.  The apparent charms of Monsieur Glenister passed me by - hell I even mocked poor fools who admitted the beginnings of  attraction....but slowly, slowly he crept into my psyche.  Bit by bit, his snake skin boots and dodgy complexion won me over, until by the end of series one of Life on Mars I was hooked.  Hooked on someone who dressed like pictures of my dad from the 70's!  The shame!

I carried my dark secret with me for many months, trying to come to terms with this new and disturbing side to my character, until one day, by complete chance, I stumbled across another Glenister-ette and after much circling and avoiding the direct question, we both fessed-up to our strange attraction.

Philip Glenister - My guilty secret revealed!
Obviously you could argue that my attraction was for the character  of Gene Hunt - and frankly I was happy to accept this at face value.  No woman could fail to be moved by his subtle and sensitive attitude to life.  But then last night....disaster struck.  State of Play DVD box set.  Glenister playing it straight.  Glenister as Glenister.  Still a cop but no camel coat or weird Manc accent anywhere in site.........and damn it all, I find myself drawn to him still.

So the question is....why is it that some of us lust after the obvious suspects (I give you Arm Pitt, Lord Clooney and R-Patz to name a few), whilst others of us have the dubious honour of feeling that warmth for someone so........normal?  

I suppose in my younger days, I did get over excited by the latest hot young thing, and I do find myself more excited by the likes of Pierce Brosnan than R-Patz (that one totally misses me by the way - vampire or not...just plain odd looking) so it would seem that I am drawn to the more mature man these days. But even so, I would like to think that my fantasy man was someone a bit.....kind know?  someone I could happily admit to lusting after amongst my friends.

Perhaps there should be a support group for women with shameful crushes.  I could start one.  We need to feel normal.  To know that we aren't the only ones out there that have these dark secrets. 

Don't get me wrong.  I am moving beyond the shame.  This blog post is the first step towards outing myself as a Philip Glenister devotee.

My name is Ablogail and I am a Glenister-aholic.

Ps:  Phil - if you're reading ya! x

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