Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Oddities of Attraction Part 2 - Vampires

Following on from my earlier confession (Sorry Philip - I love you really) I feel compelled to expand on my emotions about one tiny element.  R-Patz.  Or Robert Pattinson to the less "street" among us.

In fact, I want to widen it up a bit.  Lets talk about Twilight. 

Twilight has in my humble opinion, rendered life impossible for every young man between say 13 and 20 who wants to strike up a relationship with a young lady of similar age.

Twilight has created a breed of girls who will spend their entire youth (giving them the benefit of doubt here when it comes to emotional maturity) searching for a brooding, tortured, pale faced Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen to make their lives a living hell of rejection and angst.

As a mature woman (or at least I like to think so!) I can only really be concerned about the impact that the Edward Cullen character is going have on the expectations of young girls looking for some kind of benchmark for their future relationships.

Now, I myself spend my tenth through to twelfth year fully expecting to fall desperately in love with a mullet haired Australian wearing cut off jeans who lived on Ramsey Street and to be honest, it never materialised.  Mullets and cut off jeans didn't really catch on round my way and my early teens were blighted by disappointment.

Next I must move on to the problem caused by the very talented K-Stew (or Kristen Stewart).  Dear Kristen seems young and talented but I am intrigued by her acting range, having only really seen her crying or being depressed on screen.  Well, apart from one time when I saw her collect an award for crying and being depressed which she accepted in a manner that can best be described as....well.....depressed.

I am concerned that the role is rubbing off on her...or perhaps she is rubbing off on the role?  What came first Kristen or Bella.  Bella or Kristen.

The perceptive amongst you will probably have spotted that I do not have the fondness for the Twilight trilogy that some seem to possess, but I would say that I did thoroughly enjoy the first film, despite watching it under protest.  New Moon was a disappointment and I wait with infinite patience for the next film.

It seems a shame that misery and vampirism seem to be the romantic epiphany that so many young girls now aspire to, but I suppose in today's CGI world it could be a good deal worse!

I just thank my stars for cheery Australian soap stars and the fodder of Stock, Aitken and Waterman.  My teenage bedroom walls would have been bare without you.

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