Friday, 3 September 2010

The Legend of Chris Evans I slept, I have showered and my first bloggable thought of the day is this:

How the bloody hell does Chris Evans manage to be so cheerful every weekday morning o BBC Radio 2?

To be absolutely clear, I LOVE Chris Evans.  Not in the same way that I love Philip Glenister, but it is a solid kind of love no less.

I am old enough to be able to claim that I have loved him since his alleged "hay day" of Radio One (1996/97) - many drives to work spent laughing thanks to his enthusiasm for each day - and it seems to me that he is suffering no lack of lustre for the 12 years that have passed since (unlike my good self it must be said!).

So that's it.  It's off my chest.  I have to go to work......listening to Chris and hoping that some of his good humour rubs off on me!

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