Friday, 3 September 2010

If it was you I nearly hit just now, I'm really sorry!!

Right.  So I've had a shite morning at work, rowed with my boss, come within a whisker of smashing my gorgeous car into the side of a Volkswagen passat on a roundabout.   And as if that wasn't bad enough I have arrived home to find that my irritatingly ignorant next door neighbour is playing their music at a ungodly volume's bloody well rap music to boot!

Now, I am not the most tolerant of people but even I am being pushed to the limit of human tolerance by the utter crappitude of my day......and it is only 2pm!  I have hours left to go until I can hide under my duvet and wait for the sun to come up again!

So the question is why are some days good when others are absolute pants?  And why is that you can't just have a bad hour, or a bad 15 minutes?  Why does it have to be a full on bad 24 hours?

The rest of the day stretches ahead ominously.  If I survive (no further plans to drive today) I will blog again when it all blows over.

For now, au revoir (and my sincere apologies if it was your car i almost hit!)

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