Monday, 30 August 2010

Blogging to beat invisibility....

Today I begin my new life as a blogger.  Will anyone ever read my ramblings?  Doubtful.  Will spilling the contents of my over-crowded mind all over the screen of my laptop to be forever immortalised in a virtual world, make me feel cathartically cleansed?  entirely possible.

I should probably introduce myself.......I am essentially a woman of 36 who still expects to see her 22 year old self in the mirror each morning (gets every day of to a positive start!).  I am married and have offspring - but as I creep slowly towards the next age milestone (gulp!) I feel the urge to do something - something! - that will make me feel a bit more.....something!

They say that a woman hits her peak in her 30's and then it is a slow roll downhill into invisibility.  Well, I have already started to notice that my visibility is decreasing and my reaction has settled (having momentarily paused to consider breast enlargement and lipo) on doing something with my life of a more creative nature.

So my husband now has the joy of a wife sat blogging on a bank holiday rather than a nice new pair of 36DD's to play with! 

Anyhoo....creativity has hit me in a number of ways in this my 36th year of existence.  I have tried knitting - many many hats now exist without heads to sit on - and I have tried sewing - several oddly shaped tops and dresses and a particularly pleasing set of lounge cushions thank you very much! - and recently I have moved onto the art of bread and jam making.  But these things, they do not satify me and so I move on to the world of Blogging in search of my shangri-la.

Here at least, I may find some kindred spirits, others who are trying to find a way to stave off invisibility and do something utterly fabulous before we morph into our mothers.  Here's hoping.  x

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