Monday, 30 August 2010

The art of marriage on a bank holiday weekend

Marriage is an art form.  There is no doubt that the institution requires a level of skill that many rightly fear and avoid.  And there is no greater test to any marriage than the shadow of a bank holiday without any plans.

The lack of firm plans renders the couple "free" of all incumberances and thus requires them to find something to do which both find appealing.  This can manifest in much posturing and circling as the negotiation process gains pace, eventually resulting in a delicate and fragile agreement to a tentative plan - in this case a walk and a barbeque - which must at all costs be adhered to or else chaos will rain.

The plan settled, the day takes on a relaxing air - bread is made, books are read and the afternoon stretches ahead with a confident air......and then.......disaster strikes......clouds approach and the wind picks up and the fragile plans for the day unravel before your eyes.

With half the day gone, and ever diminishing chances of walking or cooking outside, negotiations recommence and the result is a tripout to buy a computer and an alternative plan for the defrosting chicken breasts sat on a plate in the kitchen.

One can only now hope that the computer shop in question is open and that the oven works, else all will be lost and the evening shall pass in a state of uncomfortable frustration.

Having said that....the bread turned out well so at least we could have chicken sandwiches!!

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