Tuesday, 3 April 2012

It should have been me.....

So it seems that Cheryl Cole wants to marry Prince Harry......can't really blame her. I mean, it isn't very often that a girl finds herself in a similar (I.e. within ten years) age bracket of a handsome prince now is it?

Thing is though...she has a bit of an advantage doesn't she?

When I was of young and optimistic age, my nearest prince charming was William.....not too shabby I'll admit.....but then I was just a normal, average girl with a normal average job and no such good fortune as a national tabloid to announce my suitability for the position of future queen of England!

Not that the lack of tabloid was the only barrier you understand but it is the only one that leaves me with a small modicum of self-esteem!

I doubt very much if Cheryl will snag herself a prince.....part of me thinks that would be a shame on the basis that she would look great on a stamp.....but at least Harry gets to know she is out there. It is more than the rest of us will ever manage.

Myself, well I have found my own prince charming and in my own way, I suppose I am his princess...just minus the castle, paparazzi and an indecently fabulous collection of dresses and shoes. Oh well!

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