Monday, 1 November 2010

Watch Out Jay Kay.....Here Comes the Girls!

X-Factor is always good for some weekend entertainment and between the rows over the contestants and the constant bickering between the judges, this season has so far proved to be no exception.
Jay Kay......hmmmm.
But this weekend, the whole thing stepped up a gear when Jay Kay turned up to perform at the Sunday results show after having blasted two of the judges - Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole - in a national newspaper twenty four hours beforehand!
 Jay is quoted as having said “What are they going to tell me about f***ing music? What the f***. When have you ever done anything? You’re useless. The pair of you. I mean you look great and I’d like to f***ing s**g you but that’s all.”

Cheryl and Dannii repaid him for his foul comments by talking all the way through his performance and refusing to clap when he had finished.

Cheryl looked thunderous as the camera panned around to catch the judges leaping up to give a standing ovation (as they usually do with any celebrity guest). The best Jay got was a bit of awkward applause from Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell, and pure ice from Cheryl and Dannii.

I don't know quite what possessed Jay Kay to act like such a tool and be so insulting to them, but frankly, I am more mystified by why he feels he is so qualified to comment.
He is by no means a reference point for anything apart from the occasional album, being small in stature and wearing daft hats!

Cheryl & Dannii - Bothered?  Nah!

More puzzling still is how he thought putting himself on a stage in front of the girls after his tirade of abuse was ever going to be a good idea.
Unless he is just a headline seeking fame junkie......Which is I suppose could be the greatest irony of all.

Getting himself some column inches by slating Cheryl and Dannii as being useless, is farcical when you consider that there is probably no two women who secure more press coverage in a day than he will manage in a year under any other circumstance!


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