Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Good Old Days....Oh! The Shame!!!

After a very reflective day yesterday, I decided to have a delve back into the past and investigate my VHS cassette collection!  I have so many DVD's these days that the VHS tapes were boxed up years ago to make some space, and it is an age since I last had a look through them.

In addition, after my parents divorced in 2003, I was given a lot of their old videos and they ended up in the same box.

So I am burrowing away, laughing at how bad my taste in movies once was, when I stumble across a case with no label.  Intrigued, I run downstairs and put it on.

And oh my sweet goodness was I surprised!  I came across footage of me, aged 12, chatting to my late grandparents with my nine year old brother!  Then, when that wrapped up, there's me putting on some kind of show in the back yard of my parents house, a family party, a visit from my other grandparents, and my brothers first day at senior school.

The cherry on top of the cake though was the grainy footage of me winning a disco dancing competition in 1984!!  Complete with white and pastel spotty dress, knee socks and a haircut courtesy of my mother, I am boogieing away to Fame in the middle of a holiday camp dance floor!  The shame!

But you know what, after the sadder elements of my past being the focus of yesterday, the discovery of this tape has cheered me up so much that I am beyond delighted.

I have now transferred the contents to DVD and plan to spend tonight formatting it so that I can send copies to my family and share the joy!

...and I might get Fame from ITunes and see if I still have the moves! 

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