Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Wow! What a Week!

Well, what can I say?  It has been another fabulous week at Love, Life and Celebrity!

We have notched up an impressive 2,300 page views in only 5 weeks, and as I type this, we have 34 followers which is just amazing.  My target for this week was 20 - haha!  I thought that was gonna be tough but 34 is just awesome!

I am slowly getting to grips with the wonderful world of blogging and all of the apps and gadgets that can be added here and there to jazz things up.  I never imagined I would ever have so much fun with HTML - even though I am still not entirely sure I understand any of it!

I have participated in a few hops - again, never knew what they were a month ago - and this week, we've had a pretty impressive turn out on the Heartthrob Thursday vote......

Colin Farrell is winning - which will obviously please the majority, but I am a little sad that Hugh or Will haven't done a bit better.  Mind you, still one day to go so who knows, I might be able to rally some support for them yet!

If you haven't voted yet and you feel inclined to have a go, the poll is over to your right, towards the top of the blog.......and don't feel that you have to vote for Hugh or Will....really.....I won't hold it against you if you feel drawn to add to the huge majority that is "the Farrell"...honestly!

I'm not going to ramble on too much more as I have had a very long day including a trip to the doctors (yuck), a 17 page report on the dullest subject you can imagine, and a tremendous back ache (possibly linked to being stooped over writing a 17 page report!).

What I require this evening is the arms of my husband and a good movie, so I will bid you farewell.

Thanks for checking out the blog - if you aren't already following, and would like to, please be sure to leave me a comment with your blog link on it so I can return the compliment.

If you are already following, thanks for coming back!

Night night xx


The White Whimsies said...

Just stopping by from Follow Me Back Tuesday and following your blog.


Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

What a neat blog you have! I love celebrity gossip too!

I just found your blog through a Tuesday Blog Hop! Have a great evening!

Amanda @ www.nutritionistreviews.com

Panda said...

YAY for Colin!!! um i have 31 and its taken me Months to even get to that point. lol. Awesome job!!

Rheanna said...

love the blog, totally fun :) new follower from the blog hop :)


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