Saturday, 16 October 2010

Stressed? Me? Hell, yeah!

Child is having a Nintendo Wii birthday party.  All well and good you might think.  But you would have to think again.

Children have arrived, Wii is switched on.  Remotes are connected.....but wait.....two of them aren't working!  Two children are clutching Wii remotes that are blinking furiously but not connecting.

A little voice from the corner says "Black remotes don't work with white Wii's you know".

Actually, no.  I didn't know.

So am now mediating between four children sharing two remotes while my husband dashes to the supermarket to get another two.  He cannot get back quick enough.

So my beautifully simple party plan has gone spectacularly belly-up.  Great.  Only two and a half hours to go!


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