Saturday, 2 October 2010

Ryder Cup - Call the Fashion Police!

Many posts ago, I blogged about the fact that my husband was a sports addict and that my only consolation was the he doesn't watch golf.

Lavender - Why?

Well, lets scratch that from the record because as I sit here typing this, he is doing exactly that!  Watching the Ryder Cup.

Now ordinarily, I would ignore the TV and just get on with my day but I'm afraid I simply cannot turn my attention away from the absolute fashion nightmare that is the US team!

Many of my friends (and indeed my step-family) are American and I am therefore going to tread as carefully as I can here to avoid causing any offence, but seriously - lavender cardigans?

Golfers have a fondness for odd clothing and an unhealthy attachment to pastel colours if you ask me, and I cannot possibly defend the diamond design jumpers of the UK team, but the lavender cardies are just a step too far for me.

Of couse, it could have been worse!
Golf is not the most interesting sport to watch in my view.....there is no fast movement, no cheering crowds, no injuries or fouls and no hot guys (that I have noticed at least) so there is little there to hold my attention.  So perhaps that's why Team US have gone for such a bold colour statement?  It certainly brightens an otherwise dull event.

Either way, I must resign myself to further sport-widowhood for the duration of the weekend and somehow try and ignore the blast of light purple that rushes at me each time I walk past the TV.

....unless it rains again.  And in Wales, you can bet that there's a good chance it will!


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