Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Mother of the Year Award - Failed Again!

My attempt at being the world’s greatest mother quite often fall a little short of the mark and this month’s effort is no exception.

This weekend marks my son’s birthday and to celebrate, he is having a small party with some friends at our house.  Nothing complicated, and therefore (you would think) entirely manageable for a working mother.

Except, it isn’t! 

With only four days to go, I can claim the following feats of utter disorganisation and failure to prepare:

·         Not yet completed gift shopping despite receiving long list of requests weeks ago from said excited child
·         Not yet organised party bags (the absolute must for any child’s party) beyond buying the actual bags.  Contents still not purchased.
·         No birthday card
·         No gift wrap (although in my defence there, hard to judge quantity when you don’t know what you’re going to be wrapping!)
·         No menu planned
·         No birthday cake

      And so you can see that I have managed to work myself into a bit of a corner here, with only one lunch break and an evening left to do child-free shopping.

I have secured an appropriate age candle (again, emphasis on simplicity – only have to light one rather than eight – clever me!) but I suspect this will look a little pathetic if there is no cake upon which to place it!

I really do try to be a good mother, I honestly do.  And if the measure of motherhood prowess was giving endless hugs and being firm but fair, I would be the best ever.  But getting myself geared up for an event is always an uphill struggle.

I dread any school event that requires fancy dress or some kind of accessory or equipment.  You can always guarantee that if the school are celebrating “Pirates Week” and it culminates in a fancy dress day on the Friday,  I will be the mother racing to the supermarket moments before it closes on Thursday night in search of a pirate costume!

In the age of organisation, where it is commonplace to have some kind of method of keeping yourself in the right place at the right time, be it a diary or an Iphone app, I am woefully ill-equipped!  My diary usually stops being used by April (at best!) and I just can’t get to grips with my mobile phone’s alleged functionality.

So the next 96 hours will be all about the birthday.  In fact, I should probably be sorting that out rather than typing this!  Too late now though!  D’oh! That’s another 15 minutes gone!

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I'm a little late to the party but following you from Follow me Back Tuesday.

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