Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A world of over-knickers!

Why do female tennis players grunt every time they hit the ball?

Surely they get taught at tennis school how to hit a ball without it sounding so…..erm…..dramatic?!

I am pretty sure that when I played hockey in school PE, we were never allowed to make noises like that (even when someone smacked you across the ankle with their hockey stick!) for fear of incurring the wrath of the teacher.

Can you imagine the ruckus that would arise if every member of a football team yelped each time they kicked the ball? Mind you having said that, footballers seem to be able to cause a ruckus just by getting out of (or indeed, in to) bed.

And whilst on the subject of female tennis professionals, what happened to the demure white skirts and over-knickers? They seem to have been lost in favour of funky/raunchy outfits. (Clearly, this post is heavily influenced by last nights Sharapova/Wozniacki game and Woz’s intriguing yellow and black ensemble !)

Over-knickers are a fabulously strange invention – made pointless by the occasional cruel PE teacher who, if you forgot said garment, would force you to do PE in your pants, therefore ensuring that every class of PE featured at least one pair of Barbie/my little pony/fairy design knickers.

Packing my over-knickers became a full-time preoccupation in my junior years, such was the terror of the alternative – particularly when it came to trampolining. Dear goodness – that was a BAD day to forget your O-K’s.

Anyway – no chance of Wozza losing hers, with them being such a fetching shade of luminous yellow. Clever girl!

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